Hummingbird Medicine

It is said that Hummingbirds bring love as no other medicine can and its presence brings a message of joy.

Considered a Shamanic ally for thousands of years, hummingbirds awaken the medicine in flowers. They utilize energy from the nectar they collect 20 minutes after ingesting. Their wings can flap 80 beats per second while their body remains still. These avian wonders are able to stop midflight and maneuver to a new direction; a message not to get stuck, a reminder to connect with the now of mother nature and those around you.

Reflecting on the hummingbirds as they feed on the honeysuckle, nasturtiums and other flowers in the garden I feel awe.

We filled a feeder and watch as more hummingbirds stop to feed on our humble offerings in addition to the flowers.

The feeder also has also attracted wasps. Wasp energy is a message that doing nothing and being apathetic is to self-sabotage life, a reminder to get out and take action, to reach for your callings and help your community.

As I ask reflect and ask Mother Nature for clear signs of where to focus, I see hummingbirds and wasps. They inspire to me plant more plants that bring medicine to Bodhichitta Farms. For the fall, I will be working on medicinal herbs and herbs for dying colors onto fiber that can echo and reach out to others with a vibrant spectrum.

Abi and I started a small garden with seeds she brought. I’m going out to plant some of them in the new garden we are dedicating in memory of Bill for merit.

You can catch me in the garden with the hummingbirds, sowing the seeds of medicine.

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